Looking for a protein that tastes good that will help you reach your goals, while being economical? Well, ALLWHEY delivers it all! ALLWHEY combines the latest innovations in Whey Protein and delivers 100% Whey Protein per serving, which is made possible through a new extraction technology, called NitriCore™.


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    ALLWHEY® combines the latest innovations in Whey Protein extraction technology, creating the 3-stage NitriCore™ delivery system that delivers 100% Whey Protein. The NitriCore delivery technology is designed to dramatically increase levels of Nitrogen retention in muscle tissue. Increased Nitrogen Retention ensures that rapid muscle building can take place in response to increased training and helps to ensure that precious muscle tissue is not lost during recovery.

    ALLWHEY has a unique High-Protein complex that features Reduced Lactose (milk sugar) Content, which is ideal for lactose-sensitive individuals, and undernatured Whey Microfractions that further support protein digestion and utilization. ALLWHEY is a 100% complete protein, which means that it contains 100% all Branched Chain Amino Acids and 100% all Essential Amino Acids. Additionally, ALLMAX exclusively sources protein from 3 of the purest and cleanest Protein producers on the planet, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

    ALLWHEY is enhanced with OmegaEFA™ (a source of highly stable EFA essential fatty acids) and Tri-Blend Protein Digestive Enzymes that help in the assimilation and absorption of Whey Protein Peptides and amino acids. This proteolytic phase of digestion is essential in ensuring that you derive the maximum benefit from the Protein you consume.

    ALLWHEY gives you 100% Whey Protein Blend in a 3-Stage NitriCore™ Delivery System all with OmegaEFA™ and Tri-Blend Enzymes. ALLWHEY is fully Instantized, so it mixes easily and quickly in water or milk. ALLWHEY has an amazing taste that stands out as one of the best-tasting proteins on the market.

    ALLWHEY comes in both 2 lb and 5 lb jars and is available in four flavors – Butterscotch Maple Fudge, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.