Massive gains in muscle size

185% Increase in Raw MusclePower
Superior Tri-Layer Creatine Transport and Retention (Greater Cellular Creatine Absorption)
Intense Muscle Tissue Oxygenation
1,600 mg BETASYNTH Beta-Alanine (per day)
30-Day Supply – 240 CapTABS – 60 Servings
The result – CreMAGnaVol delivers a blend of the best-of-breed, research-supported ingredients that take your performance farther, faster. Increase your rep and set force and take your muscle growth beyond the edge in just 30 days!

ALLMAX CREMAGNAVOL is available in 60 servings and 240 capTABS for a complete 30-day cycle.


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  • 30 Days of Strength, Power and Size

    Powerful, instant and sustained effects the first time and every time.

    Can you commit to 30 Days of Strength, Power and Size training? Do you have what it takes to become more than you are today? CreMAGnaVol 3MPD™ has the power to deliver mind-blowing results.

    Never in the history of supplementation has 3MPD™ pharmaceutical delivery technology been combined with a Creatine-Magnesium Chelate (Creatine MagnaPower®); extreme bio-availability with a Pharmaceutically inspired absorption matrix. 3MPD™ has the power to change everything you thought you knew about supplementation technology.

    CreMAGnaVol is a complete 30-day cycle of extreme tri-layer creatine-chelate CapTABS comprised of a potent formula PROTECTED BY MULTIPLE PATENTS designed to deliver astounding power, strength and size gains fast!

    As a 100% Fully Reacted Creatine-Chelate Myotrophic Muscle Expander, CreMAGnaVol provides 5 grams of the highest grade multi-patented Creatine-Chelate available on the market.

    Resulting from its 100% Fully Reacted Magnesium bond, Creatine MagnaPower® provides more bioavailable active Creatine to the bloodstream for maximum uptake by muscle. The result – more muscular utilization, more size and more strength with every workout . Coupled with 3MPD Technology, CreMAGnaVol pushes you past your limits with research-directed dosages that will leave lesser, older supplements eating its dust.

    Creatine MagnaPower delivers a 185% increase in raw muscle power.

    3MPD Technology

    ALLMAX has pioneered the development and release of this unique and highly effective delivery system exclusive to ALLMAX. Each phase of the 3MPD™ CapTAB is created in a completely separate process. Each component is designed with specific, individual release, disintegration characteristics. Once each phase is completed, it is then mechanically fused to achieve a pharmaceutically inspired CapTAB delivery system completely new to the supplement industry.