Your hardest MOST EXTREME muscle volumizing pump ever!

3MPD™ 3-Stage Multiphase Pharmaceutical Delivery
Nitric Oxide-Induced Rapid and Sustained Hemodilation
Powerful Vascular Blood Volumizing Effects
Explosive Muscular Expansion


  • Every intense training session needs to leave an indelible mark on your psyche. You train because you have a need. There is a deep desire to be more than you were yesterday and more than you are today. The journey and the path you take are marked by road signs you see in the mirror and the effects you feel beneath your skin.

    We created HemaN.O.vol™ with a single purpose – to give you a muscle volumizing experience that is so intense that you will never forget it. We have taken cutting-edge, scientifically validated ingredients and blended them with pharmaceutical delivery agents to take HemaN.O.vol to a whole new level – a level you will feel in every muscle, for every rep – during and after. Guaranteed!

    3MPD 3-Stage Multiphase Pharmaceutical Delivery TechN.O.logy

    This long-term, time-release action of the Triphase CapTAB is absolutely essential to the nature of the inherently short-term physical nature of Nitric Oxide (N.O.) delivery techN.O.logy. Science has proven that the N.O. molecule is inherently unstable and as a result, scientists kN.O.w that if you are going to sustain the potent N.O. effect, you must deliver a formula designed to increase the hemodilation over a prolonged period of time. Simply stated, the first two layers of the 3MPD Triphase CapTAB prime your system with a rapid flood of hemodilating ingredients initiating a surge of N.O. within the endothelium. The third and final layer of the 3MPD CapTAB provides a long sustained delivery using techN.O.logy designed for and inspired by pharmaceutical applications. This 3rd stage releases the formula over the course of a full one-hour period, slowly releasing and sustaining this powerful formula within your body.

    3-Stage MultiPhase Pharmaceutical Delivery CapTAB TechN.O.logy

    Phase 1 – is contained within the microthin outer layer coating that provides virtually instant dissolution and absorption. Immediate absorption in Phase 1 primes your system for a wave of instant N.O. release.