New ISOfemme Triple Layer Protein Chocolate Almond Bars for women are a sinfully delicious, ridiculously convenient way to conquer your cravings anywhere, anytime! Each box of ISOfemme contains 15 High Protein Energy Bars!


  • These conveniently small, Triple Layer Protein bars for women taste absolutely delicious! Each bar is only 160 calories, with just 1 gram of sugar and 14 grams of protein in an ooey-gooey chocolatey coating. ISOfemme bars are a great-tasting and easy way to satisfy your hunger cravings without sacrificing your diet.

    ISOfemme bars are designed to be taken between meals when you can’t get to your ISOfemme Protein Smoothie, the ISOfemme protein bar gives you an easy way to get a full 14 grams of protein anytime you choose.

    ISOfemme bars are part of the Body Transformation Fat Loss System and are the perfect complement to Rapidcuts Femme fat loss supplement for women and ISOfemme Protein Smoothie.

    Advisory: As you may have heard there are some peanut-based products in the marketplace currently under FDA advisory. These products contain ingredients from a specific peanut material supplier to the food industry. None of the ALLMAX Peanut Butter products contain any ingredients from this supplier and are completely safe for consumption.

    Each box of ISOFEMME HIGH ENERGY PROTEIN BARS contains 15 x 42 gram bars.