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- Natural & Effective
- Safe to take
- No side effects


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  • Why take Raspberry Ketones from Kleissinger Labs?

    This product contains Razberi-K which appears to support the reduction of body fat by decreasing absorption of dietary fat, and secondly increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis. Another recent study research demonstrated you could inhibit alpha-amylase activity by ingesting Raspberry Ketones. Alpha-amylase is a dietary enzyme which is involved in the breakdown process of starch & sugar absorption, which helps reduce fat.

    How do I take Raspberry Ketones?

    Take 1 cap two times a day or 2 caps right before exercise. Remember to exercise and use this product in conjunction with proper nutrition.

    Raspberry Ketone as seen on the Dr. Oz show

    This product can burn fat all over the body safely with no side effects. Dr. Oz further explained that it regulates adiponectin, which "tricks your body into thinking it's skinny," which means it boosts your metabolism.